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What was once dead can be born again by memory.

Posted on: December 14, 2015

Really flashy title just to say, I magically remembered my wordpress password!

Timing meets fate more times than I care to admit in my life! I am excited to revitalize this account with new content and my own personal insight as this world forces me to have an opinion; I am adult enough to know better than to not share them via a normal social media platform. But I still find need to document my daily ramblings.

It’s a sunday night. I’m sitting with one laptop in hand while my hubz sits 2ft from me with his, plotting and drawing circles and lines I’ll never quite understand. He’s a smart and very talented cookie – I like him. I’ll keep him.

Now to plot away my agenda for my next post!



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  • iwriteforfun: thanks! :) I have plenty of things to post...I hope you'll come back to my blog for a visit. :)
  • thisisfreakingwar: omg i love tht i did alot of lost love poetry i a depression stage i had and that was beautiful perfect lost love poetry!! i look 4ward to reading mor


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